Vitamix vs Ninja - A Breakdown

Vitamix vs Ninja – A Breakdown

This is the first time I write on my website and what I’d like to talk about is Ninja vs Vitamix first. The sole reason for this is because Ninja and Vitamix are two of the biggest and best products in the world as of right now.

Most people knew Vitamix longer than they do Ninja. This is because Ninja came out in September 2013. Before that, The Vitamix product has been in the kitchens of people who like to cook and make healthy drinks.

Vitamix also good friends with professional chefs who need to quickly smooth out soups, make sauces and even making juices. The problem that almost everyone has with the Vitamix blenders is that they are really expensive for them. Normally, the Vitamix blender costs about $400-$700.
Vitamix vs Ninja - A Breakdown

Now we are going through their qualities specifically. Both has qualities that top the other so it’s a fair comparison of Vitamix vs Ninja. The conclusion would be based on what we’ve described later and I hope that this helps you decide which one is better or at least decide which one would fit your kitchen set better. To do the best comparison we would’ve need to compare their best products.

In this case of Vitamix vs Ninja, we’d compare Vitamix 5200 to Ninja Ultima. If you’re in dire need of something great but you have limited budget, this probably will help. We’ll start off our Vitamix vs Ninja comparison with their prices. With a retail price of $499 you can get a Vitamix 5200 while with a retail price of $259.99 you can get a Ninja Ultima.

That is if you want to save up your money for something or you just have a limited amount of money to spend. Like most people would say, the more expensive the product is the better the quality it has but in this case we’ll let you decide that by yourself.

If you want a pretty blender that would fit in your other kitchen set or you’re just really picky about the color of your belongings then Vitamix 5200 is great for you because it comes with a variety of color choices for you to choose with black, brushed stainless, platinum, red, and white. But if you only need the blender and you don’t care about what color your blender is then you probably would be okay with Ninja Ultima that only comes with black or chrome.

Now we’ll go to the capacity that’s offered by both products. Ninja Ultima has the capacity with 72 ounces while Vitamix has the capacity of 64 ounces.

Unlike most blenders these days, Vitamix 5200 and Ninja Ultima come with a variable speed control. Moving on to the peak horsepower that these blenders have, Vitamix 5200 has the peak of 2 horsepower while Ninja Ultima has the peak of 2.5 horsepower.

I’m going to describe both products more thoroughly now. Vitamix 5200 can whip up ingredients for a wide variety of edibles, that includes frozen drinks and creamy desserts. This blender is even exact enough to blend seeds with only within minutes. Vitamix 5200‘s hammer-mill and cutting blades can produce a smooth texture regardless of what you’re blending, and also to make sure that the machine will not overheat by overusing, Vitamix 5200 has a radial cooling fan and thermal protection system.

If you want to have an advance blending experience, you should choose the Vitamix 5200. It’s reliable and quick performance, assortment of color options, ample power cord length and versatile blades will be really helpful for you.

Moving on to Ninja Ultima,this blender comes with a BL810 motor base, 72-ounce pitcher, removable quad blade, pitcher lid assembly, two 16-ounce Pro nutri Ninja Cups, two Nutri Ninja Sip and Seal Lids and Nutri Ninja blade assembly.

Compared to the product that the Vitamix has to offer, this product by Ninja actually boasts a larger capacity (72 ounces vs. 64 ounces) and a more powerful peak horsepower (2.5 vs. 2). It’s also about $200 less expensive which makes it better for people who has limited budget for furnishing their kitchen to go to.

If you want a mix of dependability and affordability for your blender you can choose Ninja Ultima. If you choose Ninja Ultima you’ll get the same features or even some are better than what Vitamix has to offer with a much lower cost! Additionally, thanks to the blender’s variable speed control and high peak horsepower, this blender is capable of blending all of your favorite ingredients.

With that being thoroughly described, it seems even right? Either product has qualities over the other and it all comes down to you to decide. You can check another comparison of both Vitamix vs Ninja in BlenderVersus.…

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